Folexin Foligen Review

What Causes Hair Loss?

You must have heard from your family and friends, “Don’t worry! It’s normal. You are just shedding. It’s because of weather or you must not be taking enough care of hair.” Well, in some cases it might be true as well but if you are losing hair more than normally you do, you must be alarmed. Moreover, if you start to notice your hair thinning at a certain area or there is a clear bald patch on your scalp, you might be facing alopecia.

What is Alopecia?

You must be wondering what Alopecia is? Alopecia areata is a condition that enhances hair fall but in small, unnoticeable patches. If not taken care of initially, these patches start to grow clearer and more vividly, leading to extreme hair loss. Usually, this condition is generated when the immune system attacks the hair follicles, resulting in gradual baldness.

But how can immune system attack your own body functioning? Strange, right? Well, it’s not. It is a fact that human body changes and adapts to its new routine and circumstances. The change can be categorized due to ageing, poor diet, extreme weather condition etc. Similarly, the hormonal balance also adjusts itself according to various factors and can change over time. Not only the physical factors but your genetic make-up can also grow stronger or weaker in pattern, bringing all its effects at any given time. However, in worse cases, your hair follicles can get attacked by an autoimmune disease causing permanent hair loss.

That’s not a case you should be worrying about because according to Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases (OJRD), the autoimmune diseases is rarely recorded especially in healthy individuals. Whereas in 99.9% of the cases, the hair loss is caused by the inactivity of the cells that are responsible for hair growth and follicle strength. Delightedly, this phase is curable if proper care and measures are taken.

So what are a few practical options to deal with diseases like Alopecia? Here is out list of medical miracles which can combat against hair fall and premature baldness.

Well, there are several others ways to deal with alopecia too.

Hair Transplants

Done by a plastic or dermatological surgeon, this seems to be a pretty hefty practice. Within this process, the doctor attempts to relocate hair follicles from the body to the areas with extreme baldness. This grafting mechanism demands several sessions with the surgeon on regular basis. However, it is to be known that, this option does not correct the actual root cause of hair loss.

There have been instances where people have continued to lose their hair, even after the tiresome and expensive procedure. Therefore, hair transplant can only be a temporary solution for maintaining a full head of hair. Do you know that Wayne Rooney and David Beckham have also reportedly benefitted from this option?

Accept the Hair Shedding

Having a bad hair day can really affect your self-esteem in a given place or time. However, if you have a strong-headed and confident personality, why not adapt to a bald head? Being comfortable in your own skin matters more than society’s expectations. Not everyone can rock a bald head; think of yourself as a unique, powerful person who is not afraid to face the world.

Use Foligen


Most people repel the idea of a hair transplant, due to its abundant side-effects and expensive fees. Why not try a basic supplement for your needs instead? Pop a pill and see the magic happen! Folexin is a sensational supplement that enriches your hair structure and elasticity. The supplement can also be used to boost your hair growth rate, as it increases blood circulation to the hair follicles. This enhanced blood circulation can get the desired ingredients to the hair follicles, needed to produce new hair strands faster. Although this supplement is a marvel of modern medical science, the results may vary in different cases and situations.

What Is Folexin?

Previously known as Foligen, it is a dietary supplement that’s designed to restore your lost hair follicles, due to excessive hair fall. Although, there are a lot of medical reasons behind hair loss, our supplement works best if your hair loss is due to:

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
    Use of flat iron straighteners
  4. 4
    Sun Exposure
  5. 5
    Damage due to chlorine
  6. 6
    Hormonal changes
  7. 7
    Environment changes
  8. 8
    Unexplained hair loss
  9. 9
    Dying and Bleaching

The supplement has been produced to target the root cause of your hair loss and correct the working of your bodily systems.

Does Folexin Work?

There has been a common trend of hair supplements, especially in the Hollywood community. This has created mixed speculations about if a product works or not. To set your doubts aside, let us discuss why would a supplement not work? It is a common knowledge that a specific supplements is used to target a specific problem or root cause. However if that problem is not associated with hair loss in an individual, you may not see the desired result.

Foligen has been produced to work on premature hair loss due to changes in hormones, environmental changes, advancing age or the use of harmful hair products.

In case of a chronic autoimmune sickness or when someone is undergoing chemotherapy sessions, the result may not meet your expectations. 

We can understand that due to the lack of awareness on the capabilities of these supplements, there may have been varied opinions on the efficacy of this supplement. Ultimately, a majority of those who use this product as recorded in surveys done in 2020, people have claimed to benefit from its use. It’s worth appreciating that this product works through a natural workings of a body. Consequently, it cannot be a shortcut to hair restoration.

So, if you’re looking for an instant solution that might be popping a few pills and getting your hair back within hours, this surely is not the magic spell you seek.

In our view, Folexin is best suited for men and women who are willing to put in an effort and maintain a good health side by side.

You may gradually see the results, but you will be rewarded for being patient enough in the first place.

Before and After

A significant change in the amount of hair follicles cannot be recorded within 10 weeks of using this product. It’s important to be realistic and practical in your expectations.
First off, you need to take the right dosage and stick to a consistent pattern of daily supplementation.

Using Foligen can also encourage the development of a stronger and thicker mane. If you are concerned about a few small bald patches, you’re likely to notice that your hair will become fuller and thicker. In the case of advanced signs of hair loss e.g. a huge bald patch that’s clearly visible for a distance; the product will help to grow out a few strands surfacing randomly within the first 8 weeks of use. Unfortunately, if the baldness had been persistent for a longer period of time, in such cases, the hair roots tend to be dormant meaning that more supplement may be needed.

Don’t believe us? In these before and after photos from using Folexin, we can see the effects of the supplement’s persistent use. Far from it, this is a regimen that requires dedication and commitment to work.

Our Review about Folexin Use

In conclusion, we are on the varying ends whether to recommend this product or simply discard it. The disclaimer in fine print has repeatedly acknowledged the fact that “The results are may vary”. This suggests that this product may or may not work miracles for you. Even though from our observations, most of the people who have used this pill are extremely satisfied.

If we talk about our view and experience, we suggest this product for people struggling with hair thinning or are at the earliest symptoms of hair loss. Whereas, if you have been bald for a decade or a longer period of time, unfortunately this product will not be of help for you. Although, the use of this supplement will guarantee a stronger hair structure and thicker mane; so why not give it a try?